Calling all IFS members,

If you have a passion for teaching, writing and/or reaching across the divides that riddle the sphere of Dental Sleep Medicine, THIS opportunity is for you!

We want YOU to write for our journal, blog and news page!

The International Federation of Sleep is rooted in the philosophy that it’s only through networking, knowledge sharing and education that we’re going to change the dire statistics of sleep apnea, not only in the United States, but across the world. And, it’ll only be through these channels that we’ll be able to get more and more dentists involved in the screening and treating of OSA.

Given the ability of this field of medicine to CHANGE LIVES, most dentists in Dental Sleep Medicine have an incredible stories to tell, whether those stories are about new research, current treatment techniques, advice, personal experiences/challenges or treatment success anecdotes.


All of the material you send our way will be 100% credited to you and will be published on a global platform that will receive exposure to millions of people – your work will reach a far greater audience than it ever would in any local journal or personal blog, thereby allowing it to educate and change lives on a much greater scale.

Please do note that any content you submit to the IFS will become property of the IFS to be used and distributed at our own discretion.

Email us if you have any blogs, articles, anecdotes, thoughts, journal publications, letters or whatever it may be –We would love to review your work and publish it in the IFS journal, on our blog and in our social media.

All submissions must be emailed to


We want all the content we publish to have maximum exposure and to have the best possible chance of being viewed. There are some important rules to be adhered to when crafting content to be published on the web – it’s very different to writing for journals or your own personal blog. If you don’t adhere to these rules, you risk losing the interest of your audience, which has the attention span of a goldfish on even a good day.

As such, when writing for the web we ask that you:

  • Use short paragraphs of between 3-5 lines.
  • Make use of plenty of sub-headings to break up the text and provide the reader with a clear narrative for your article/blog.
  • Include pictures where you can, but be sure to avoid using copyrighted images!
  • Always bear your audience in mind. If you’re writing for the general public, use a conversational tone and language that’s easy to understand.
  • Make sure your title is catchy: that’ll be the bait that lures the readers in!

If you’re unsure of how to do the above, simply review this letter! I’ve been following these guidelines throughout!

We will review all of the content you send to us for publishing and I, the Director of Content, will decide whether it needs sprucing up in order to meet with our publishing guidelines. Remember, this will be done to maximize this content’s web-savvy appeal. If any changes are made, you will be notified; but these are likely to be small tweaks here and there.

If you would prefer an article to be published as is – perhaps it’s a scientific article or research paper – that’s absolutely fine. We welcome these contributions and will make sure they reach as many physicians, dentists and other medical healthcare professionals as possible.

You can write about anything you’re passionate about – you can even use this as a practice run for a presentation or talk you plan on giving at an upcoming seminar or retreat.I greatly look forward to reading your contributions!

Email those submissions to!

To see where your publications could end up, check out the IFS Blog and News Page.

Best personal regards,

Thea Beckman
Director of Content

Please do note that once you have sent your content to us, it becomes the property of the International Federation of Sleep and while you’ll receive full credit for your research/composition, its use and distribution will remain at the sole discretion of the Academy.