The International Federation of Sleep has coordinated with Sleep Practice Perks as the Training provider of choice. Sleep Practice Perks has an online training system which provides the detailed art, science, and business behind our immense success in turning quiet dental practices into thriving and vastly profitable sleep treatment centers.   To learn more about what topics and agenda will be covered in the online system, Click Here. Click Here to Reserve Your Seat! To ensure you receive our emails in the future, be sure to whitelist (aka “approve”) this email address in your email filter program. If you need instructions on how to do so, Click Here



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If you have any questions about the International Federation of Sleep’s training provided by Sleep Practice Perks and how to reserve your seat, you can Contact Us by clicking on the link and filling out the form! One of our representatives will call you back as soon as possible.

To receive CE training in sleep apnea treatment and expand your dental practice’s services and revenue, attend one of Sleep Practice Perk’s worldclass dental sleep training! Learn More Book Your Seat