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This is the must-have Do-It-Yourself System for any dental office that is looking to learn the basics about Sleep, or learn how to increase existing Sleep revenues.

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The International Federation of Sleep has become vastly popular for its Do-It-Yourself System, which teach dentists absolutely everything they need to know about the science, business, and art of sleep apnea treatment, empowering them to return to their practices and revolutionize their services, patient intake, and revenue.


The pursuit of knowledge and of an effective system for success in sleep apnea treatment lead to the conception of the Do-It-Yourself System. Today, that program has become vastly successful in turning quiet dental practices into thriving centers for sleep apnea treatment, which is why the International Federation of Sleep has chosen to promote it. As a partner of Sleep Practice Perks, it is our aim to get more dentists on board and educated: not only to change the lives of these dentists, but also the lives of millions of previously untreated patients around the world.

The Do-It-Yourself System we promote here is provided through a strategic partnership with Sleep Practice Perks.

Here’s what you can expect to learn over the course of the International Federation of Sleep Program as a Do-It-Yourself dentist…

Module 1 Sleep Apnea Basics Training

This will revolve around the science and physiology of sleep apnea treatment. Absolutely all the basics and essentials of dental sleep medicine will be covered from sleep pathology, the stages of sleep, polysomnograms and the diagnosis of sleep disturbed breathing to sleep apnea, co-morbidities, surgery, oral appliances, CPAP devices (and more).

Dentists will also learn the details of the diagnostic and treatment models involved in sleep apnea treatment and how to best work with sleep physicians.

Module 1 Table of Contents
  • ● Introduction to sleep – sleep stages, disorders
  • ● Sleep apnea prevalence – why is there a need for treatment
  • ● Sleep apnea symptoms/clinical issues
  • ● Treating snoring and sleep apnea in a dental office – protocol review
  • ● Patient education; addressing key issues and getting a snoring patient to convert to a sleep apnea treatment case
  • ● Prepare overnight home sleep study for select course attendees
  • ● Hands on with Pharyngometer / Rhinometer
  • ● Working with Sleep Physicians

Module 2 Marketing Your Sleep Practice

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Day 2 Agenda
  • ● Dental Sleep Medicine step-by-step protocol flow chart
  • ● Hands on working with popular oral appliances like the TAP, Respire, EMA, SilentNight and more!
  • ● Appliance review – pro’s and con’s of all of the major sleep appliances
  • ● Case presentations
  • ● Medical insurance billing. Review of the latest codes, fees, procedures and recommendations from SGS experts who are doing this daily
  • ● Dental Sleep Protocol recap from A-Z

When you finish the online course, you will have all the knowledge, material and information you need to step forth and establish a vastly successful sleep practice!

If you are a dentist and would like to expand your practice to include sleep dentistry, you can learn more about Sleep Practice Perks’ Sleep System and the IFS online educational portal Sleep Practice Perks by clicking on the desired link:

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