International Federation of Sleep

In an effort to inspire, network and promote dentists across the world, the International Federation of Sleep has devised three different Membership Programs, with each successive program becoming more comprehensive, inclusive and truly rewarding in its benefits and resources. This website page provides a brief overview of these memberships, so please click on the links provided to learn in much greater detail about the incredible benefits offered by each!

IFS Basic Membership

Monthly Fee: $70.75
Annual Fee: $749 (paid up-front)

The Basic Membership, for only $70.75 per month (annual fee of $849) unlocks a treasure trove of potential for dentists and their practices, because it empowers you to reach out to and see far more patients through savvy digital marketing strategy, invaluable resources and exposure to some of Dental Sleep Medicine’s most passionate, talented and experienced professionals. If you pay the full year up front, you’ll get $100 discount and receive annual membership for $749, which has the potential to deliver a considerable ROI.

IFS Do-It-Yourself("DIY") Sleep Practice Perks

Monthly Fee: $99.00 with one module released each month
Annual Fee: $950.40(paid up-front, in advance)

The Sleep Practice DIY Membership, for only $99.00 per month (annual fee of $1,188) covered in this 14-Module course is the complete A-Z of the science, business and art behind building and marketing a successful sleep practice. No matter where in the United States or even WORLD you live, if there are patients with undiagnosed sleep apnea in your small town or booming city (and THERE ARE), you can treat them. If you pay the full year up front, you’ll get 20% discount and receive annual membership for $950.40. This course shows you exactly how to get those patients into your office!

Included in the DIY Package are all the benefits and resources provided by the Basic Membership.


Monthly Fee: $3,250
Annual Fee: $31,200 (20% discount when paid up-front, in advance)

The Masters Membership, for $3,250.00 per month (annual fee of $39,000) provides an exceptional program to members with an uncompromising, no holds-barred A-Z education and support on their journey to opening up and running a successful sleep practice. Masters Members get to work closely with the leadership of the International Federation of Sleep in weekly one-on-one meetings (video or telephonic), monthly group coaching calls, unlimited email support and quarterly Masters Retreats. If you pay the full year up front, you’ll get 20% discount and receive annual membership for $31,200.

Enjoy fantastic benefits like complete website maintenance (including SEO compliance), management and optimization of your social media accounts (including 4 pieces of unique content per month written for you!) and new patient nurturing campaigns all written and configured specific to your practice. You will get personalized assistance and resources in getting your sleep practice set up. Becoming a Masters member is the ultimate investment you can make in the success of your practice, your career as a dentist and the future of the patients you will come to treat.

Included in the Masters Package are all the benefits and resources provided by both the Basic and DIY Memberships.

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