When thinking of how to get the best sleep possible, it is normal to think about mattress quality as a key factor. It isn’t typical, however, to think of utilizing a reclining chair to achieve incredible sleep. While often associated with a quick nap, most people do not get a full eight hours of sleep on a reclining chair. Although not commonly considered, the right reclining chair is better for sleep than a mattress.
Need to know more? Here are four reasons sleeping in a reclining chair is better than sleeping on a mattress:
1) Zero gravity reclining chair health benefits: The benefits of zero gravity reclining chairs have been found to be numerous. From reduced snoring and reduced back pain, to improved breathing and increased circulation, zero gravity reclining chairs offer a health-focused sleep experience not offered by a standard mattress. Individuals who experience insomnia related to a variety of conditions (such as the ones listed) can expect a greatly improved sleep experience with a zero gravity reclining chair.
2) Easier to find the perfect sleep position: If someone finds it challenging to achieve the exact sleep position needed, adjustable reclining chairs provide a variety of options. Reclining chairs can be adjusted to mimic the straight sleep position of a mattress, but with added customization. One can use the adjustable features to create the perfect sleep position every night. Finding the right sleep position quickly allows for a longer and better night of sleep.
3) Added support and padding for restful sleep: Reclining chairs offer the support and padding mattresses cannot. Reclining chairs are made with added pockets of padding, especially for the neck and back. Those who suffer from neck and back conditions requiring added support can find that support with a reclining chair. Most mattresses have the same level of padding and support for all areas of the body. Arm rests also provide added comfort, helping to encourage sleep more easily for those who need this extra support.
4) Flexibility to move sleep locations: Individuals who sleep better in one room one night, and better in a different room the next night, have minimal options to accommodate their individual sleep patterns with a standard mattress. Mattresses cannot be moved easily, and take up more space than most rooms will allow. Reclining chairs can be moved with ease from one location to another, and take up far less space than a mattress.

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