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You’ve read countless books, gone to seminars, spent endless hours searching on Google, approached patients and sleep labs, etc. But, before you start thinking you’ve seen it all or you’ve heard everything there is to know about treating sleep, ask yourself one thing: do you know anyone who is consistently treating 20, 50, 75, or 100 sleep apnea patients per month AND averaging around $3,000 profit per oral appliance, with a successful treatment of at least 75%?

The reality is if you aren’t seeing this number of sleep patients per month, then you haven’t seen anything like what you’ll be exposed to in the International Federation of Sleep’s breakthrough Sleep Practice Perks. For the first time ever, we’ve taken all the material from our quarterly seminars and have created an engaging Do-It-Yourself online educational course that you can complete in your free time, in the comfort of your own office, home or even local coffee shop!

Covered in this multi-module course is the complete science, business and art behind building a successful sleep practice perks. No matter where in the United States or even WORLD you live, if there are patients with undiagnosed sleep apnea in your small town or booming city (and THERE ARE), you can treat them and this course shows you exactly how to do that.

The Unique Challenges You’ve Faced Until Now

On virtually any weekend in virtually every major city across the globe, there is someone offering dentists a course on how to “treat” OSA. And while training is important, a lack thereof is not why dentists are failing to set up successful sleep practice perks. It’s not a lack of clinical training behind this.

The number 1 problem that every sleep dentist faces is how to find patients. You’re not going to create a thriving sleep practice perks by treating the small percentage of patients in your practice who suffer from sleep apnea. You also won’t get there by treating the average 1 or 2 patients per month most dentists see per month because they’ve given up on the sleep doctor down the street and are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The International Federation of Sleep’s DIY Program empowers you to change more patients’ lives by equipping you with the A-Z of the science, business and art involved in setting up a successful sleep practice perk. In addition to the standard education on sleep apnea, sleep physiology and sleep breathing disorders, this course focuses heavily on how to build relationships with physicians, patients and DME companies.

What Will This Cost Me?

You can reap all of the benefits of IFS DIY Membership for a monthly fee of $99.00, which equates to an annual cost of $1,188. However, if you pay for the full year up front, you’ll get a 20% discount making your membership just $950.40 for annual membership, which will deliver a considerable ROI.

Remember, after working your way through Sleep Practice Perks DIY System, you’ll have all the tools, resources and support you need to start taking in 20, 50 and 100+ oral appliance patients per month and to see reimbursements of at least $3,000 per patient!

Listen Up, Masters Members

If you are already a part of the Masters Program, which entitles you to special benefits, you’ll enjoy privileged access to bonus materials and perks, which you can review with your account executive. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact our team at (866) 347-3321 or email us at

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