The first program EVER that combines the BEST course in the science of dental sleep medicine with a practice model that insures nearly unlimited numbers of patients!

Sleep apnea is a major health problem affecting tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of people around the globe, but the real crisis is the fact that as much as 90% of these cases have not been diagnosed or treated. As a consequence, there are literally millions upon millions of people that are suffering the daily debilitating consequences of this condition and a much poorer quality of life. As a medical health professional, it is the duty of dentists to take a holistic approach to healthcare and to offer patients who might not even know they have sleep apnea in the first place (as is often the case) with a diagnosis and treatment.

The International Federation of Sleep offers dentists the rare opportunity to become skilled and qualified in the treatment of sleep apnea with our engaging online educational portal, Sleep Practice Perks.

The benefits of incorporating sleep apnea treatment into your practice’s service repertoire are manifold and could increase your patient intake! The online training offered through SleepPracticePerks are not only geared at educating dentists in common sleep disorders like sleep apnea, they also provide a comprehensive marketing and business plan to aid in the successful integration and transition:
  • Learn how you can see many new oral appliance patients every month, while the average dentist only sees 2 to 4.
  • Claim $3,000+ per oral appliance patient from Medicare!
  • Master a step-by-step business and marketing plan that will catapult your practice into the top 10% of all sleep practices in the country.
  • Learn how adding sleep disorder treatment to your practice can lead to more implant and full mouth rehab patients than you have ever seen!
  • Find out how Sleep Physicians will become dependent on you for patients and not the other way around.

More About Seminars for Dentists

SLeepPracticePerks’ basic introductory course to Dental Sleep Medicine has become well known as the best introductory course available. The course gives dentists comprehensive training in sleep apnea and treatment, as well as an introduction to the practice mode that can conquer the challenges created by (1) poor patient communications at the diagnostic levels and (2) physician bias concerning the use of oral appliance therapy in obstructive sleep apnea.  Yes, we will teach the traditional concepts of practice management, but the exciting new and unique International Federation of Sleep model will be introduced.  

Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine

Note: All required and helpful forms, relevant literature, opportunity for ambulatory testing, three month complimentary forum access, discounts for lab and billing company option, and introduction to the International Federation of Sleep Program are included.  

Want To Learn More About Seminars?

For more on the day-to-day agenda of our upcoming seminars, please click on the following link: Seminar Agenda: What to Expect. To meet the incredible team behind the SleepPracticePerks, click here: Sleep Practice Perks.